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6111 Tezel Rd. Suite 108

San Antonio TX. 78250

Lone Star Vaping – Best San Antonio Vape Shop

Not satisfied with convenience store electronic cigarettes? Come visit our large vaping store, sample all our premium, custom made eliquid & ejuice flavors and find a HEALTHIER cigarette smoking alternative that will actually satisfy you!

There are a lot of Vape Shops in San Antonio, but we at Lone Star Vaping have the largest selection of any San Antonio Vape Shop!

Are you new to  vaping? Come visit our vape shop and let us show you the different electronic cigarette starter kits that we have available. Sit down, have a free Lone Star Beer or a glass of wine (FREE sodas are also available), and try our wide selection of e liquids and find one you enjoy. If you have never tried an3_e_cig1 ecig, or have used the cheaper (Blu, Njoy, V2, FIN, etc…), yet costly convenience store electronic cigarettes, we think you will be shocked and amazed with the ecig/vaping starter kits and vaping supplies we offer! We had a 50 year old Marine that smoked 2 packs of Marlboro Red Cigarettes a day and told us he just loved smoking! He was in great shape, but after 32 years of smoking cigarettes, his lungs were NOT. We sat him down and after 20 minutes of trying different flavors, he picked a super harsh tobacco flavor, bought our cheaper Electronic cigarette starter kit, and he went home. He smoked the last half a pack of cigarettes he had left, and then switched to our vaping electronic cigarettes. He came in the next afternoon and bought another Ecig battery, some eliquid (also called E-Juice), and a spare coil for his new Kanger Tech starter kit. He was done with smoking normal cigarettes! Come to our vaping store and see how we can help transform even the hard core smokers of the world to a healthier alternative, smokeless electronic cigarettes!  Come in and make the switch to vaping!

We currently have about 115 different custom made E liquids (also called ejuice) that you can sample and test with no obligation to purchase ANYTHING! Some of the electronic cigarette brands we offer are Kanger Tech, iTaste, Aspire, Sigelei, Pioneer4you (ipv2, ipv3, and the ipv4) Ismoka, Vision,  Eleaf, Vivi Nova, Smokteck, Vision, Innokin (including the Itaste MVP 2.0, Cool Fire Grenade, SVD, 134 and also The VTR) and Joytech. We also have Mechanical Mods and clones in 18650, 18500, 18350, and 26650, including those from Sigelei, Tesla, Kamry, King, Grand Vapor, Atmomixani (Nemesis), Vamo, MCV Philippines (Panzer, Overdose), and many more.  We stock a variety of copper Mods including the Panzer, Pegasus, Stingray, Penny, Overdose, Nemesis, 4NINE, and The Cartel as well.  Also available are RDAs including the Magma, Quasar, Patriot, Tobh Atty, Omega, Atomic, Stiliare, and many IGO variants. We have some Kayfun, Genesis, Immobilizer, and Helios clones too.

Maybe you’re looking to make a switch from mech mods and get a variable box mod. Our Vape shop has  THE largest selection of box mods in San Antonio.   These are great devices, allowing you more power and longer battery life.  We carry box mods such as:  God Mod, SMY 60w, Sigelei 150w/150w TC, Sigelei  TC 75w, Snow Wolf, Clouper T6 & T8, IPV 4 /4s, IPV3, IPV 3 li, IPV II mini.

We have batteries such as Istick 10w, 20w, 30w. 40w tc, and the 50w, Aspire CF max 50w, mvp II, mvp 2.0, mvp 3.0,

Come visit our brick and mortar vaping store and experience the difference that is Lone Star Vaping! We are located at 6111 Tezel Road #108, San Antonio Tx, 78250. Road.


Our Vape Shop is Open Monday to Friday 11am- 8pm, Saturday 11am -7pm  and Noon-6pm on Sunday.

Free beer, wine and sodas!

Make The Switch to Vape.


Lone Star Vaping
6111 Tezel Rd. Suite 108 San Antonio TX 78250 (we are right past where Culebra turns into Tezel Road)



Vape Shop map- were right off Culebra


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We only offer authentic Cartomizers and clearomizers ( like Kanger Tech Mt3,T2,T3,T3s, Protank, Protank 2, Mini Protank, The Dual Coil Protank 3, Unitank, EVOD, etc…) We do have some RDA clones, but most of our supplies we get from Authentic Authorized Dealers of the name brand vaporizer pens and vapor kits that we offer for sale. Stop smoking and make the switch to vape.

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